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I have so far only once made at setup where people were supposed to change/add content themselves. In my own works it is of course not relevant that it is easy to update content.

It seems like I am going to need to make it easy for the administrator to change content, which consist of png-sequences and wave files, so the amount of data can be quite significant.

what do you guys do in such situations?


Is it about data size? Or what? I can’t quite get it.

Not about size as such, but an easy way to let people update content without having to manually copy files to a set file structure in a some times running system

Eh, big issue.

Naming and metadata are your friends, IMMHO. BUt here we are again… what creates metadata?

  1. If they name the files\folders in a certain way (eg, timestamp_filename_version), they can upload a zip to a single location and it would be relatively easy to read the names and automatically move things where they do belong.
    1.1 pros: they just have to upload one zip file; if they mis-name stuff, that’s on them (but only if naming rules are simple)
    1.2 cons: you have to “build a manual” to let them be comfy; if naming is not for folders, naming files can be quite the PITA
  2. If they don’t want to name things, then they should know where to put stuff.
    2.1 pros: they could orientate themselves between folders and fix mistakes OTF
    2.2 cons: they could orientate themselves between folders and delete them accidentally, they can move stuff instead of copying it, exposing the material to the risk to be lost forever. Other general huge mistakes. You should instruct them as well as for point 1 (“teaching” is not really a con… but it’s on you in both cases, so I put them here).

Point 1 (\concept0\metadata0_metadata1_metadataN) is a pattern I used to rename very different data from different databases, prior to feed it to vvvv, so that would be simple to disassemble filenames. All in all I got to the point that I just need to input the “name” of a supergroup of data, to process them as expected. But I understand that for me was easy to give significant names to data (I knew the source, so renaming pattern was just a matter of understanding how I wanted to do things)

Hope it’s of some help.

@Sunep, is it possible for them to run their files in a tester patch to check that everything is in the right place?

@u7angel has devoloped an easy to use CMS you can license, don’t know why it didn’t make it into the shop yet. I used it for text, images and videos. Don’t know if there is a nice way for handling image sequences though. Those are always a pita. Maybe zip them before uploading to the CMS and unzip again on the vvvv side.

@bjoern , you are right, and our cms developed further since the last time you saw it. thing is, i don’t wan’t to put it into the shop without a proper feature video. it is easy to use after a short introduction which is needed…

after the IAA i’ll start with documenting our tools

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