Manage mutiple textures mosaic

no really original but i would like to make a mosaic wall texture, with random positions of photos…
I change the alpha channel randomly for each texture.
It’s weird, but when the alpha changes, the texture also moves, it’s pretty cool but I would like to understand why,

I’ll be able to manage this if I understand what happens ;)

multiple texture.v4p (12.6 kB)

Quickly looking at your patch and selecting a folder of my own, I can see that you have a ‘color’ spread of 200 values, but I can only see 7x7 pictures.

I guess you have more than 1 picture at the same position, and sometimes 1 of them shows and sometimes the other one.

So I guess the pictures moving is just another picture showing because you hide the first one, no?

thx for the response.
would it be a proper way to display for instance a 200 photos folder in a 10x10 grid, with change of photo position randomly…as if each photo would have an index, and you can play with it and change its position…
hope i’m clear…