Making VL pad accept spreads

I have a lovely patch which has been written using VL so Im finding my ground on how it works. At the moment the patch selects images based on an index number (essentially a 32x24 wall of images) The patch at the moment only accepts one image index and changes all images to that index but I am now looking at having different images. I created an integer IOBOX and have made the pad in the VL to Sequence but that seemed to give loads of popups showing errors due to dividing by zero but im not sure why. None of the values in the IObox = 0?

changing the type to Sequence was the correct thing to do.
now the question is what you want to do? do you want to create transition effects with the different image indices over the whole display or do you really want to control each element independently by hand?

it would also help to upload your current patch…