Making patches portable

What’s the best way to ‘wrap up’ a patch that contains lots of sub-patches and other modules? My gut feeling is I need to copy all the v4 files I’ve used into a single folder and edit the XML of each to point to a local version (not the ones in the /modules folder, for example).

However, I did see the “make path relative” menu item, but I’m not sure exactly how this works although I will experiment with it further.


its definitely a good idea to have all patches of a project in one folder. maybe use subfolders, but no other complicated relative paths.

now the idea is, when you save a patch it tries to reference all the subpatches (that are used with in itself) relatively. if there is no relative path (because a patch is on another drive) the absolut path is taken.

“make path relative” does the same. select a subpatch and call “make path relative”. if its possible it will be done. if its not possible you can open the subpatch and “save as…” it in the same folder as the patch.

editing the XML therefore should never be needed.

concerning the modules. yes. if you are using them they’ll have to be present on the target machine too. you could use only modules that ship with vvvv to make sure they are there and use all other modules as relative subpatches…

Thanks joreg. So if I have a patch that is already referencing files all ove the place I can fix it like this:

  1. copy subpatches and modules to the master patch folder
  2. open the master patch
  3. make each subpatches and module relative in the master patch
  4. save master patch

I will give it a try :)

not exactly, go this way:

  1. open your masterpatch
  2. go into each subpatch and select “save as” and save it into the directory of your master patch (or a subfolder).
  3. make path relative (if its not automatically)
  4. save your master patch

Perfect. Thank you :)