Making nodes and links less proeminent, aka CTRL + H

Hey there,

Never used the CTRL + E feature much in beta, but its CTRL + H friend was super cool for documentation.

I basically read it as “this node is there, but please don’t pay attention to it” or “I just need to distribute this value to multiple places, but also don’t want to clutter the patch too much”. And this is fine : we tell the user that we actually connect something to multiple places, but just don’t want to make a fuss about it.

Would be great to be able to express such a thing in gamma. Sometimes, help patches end up being cluttered and scary because you need to connect something to multiple places. This steals attention from the viewer.

But now that “half transparent things” actually have a meaning in gamma, just dimming the link could be confusing. What about making it thinner? And most importantly : do you patchers also feel a need for it?



I often use pads for non-time critical data types to avoid too many lines. I would also appreciate a feature like that.

Sounds like this (again):