Make Minimum and Maximum optional for IOBoxes

As you know IOBoxes have default values for Minimum (-1000.0000) and Maximum (1000.0000). While the feature itself is useful, it should better be an optional parameter, I think. Right now the defaults can cause serious trouble. Have a look:

This is actually an example from the book “Prototyping Interfaces” (/4_2_Temperatursensor_vvvv_45beta29.2/TemperatureSensor.v4p).

Simulate Temp has a maximum value of 1023 set in this example, which is the upper bound of an Arduino analog pin reading. But the slider can’t reach this upper bound since the IOBox underneath, displaying the value, has the default maximum (1000.0000).
While this may seem like a minor problem it may be hard to debug especially in subpatches.
Thus, I propose to make those two parameters optional and not preset.

well that is more a problem of the patch i’d argue.

as you mentioned the maximum value of the iobox underneath has a lower maximum set, so the upper iobox adapts to this. note though that the GetSlice node alternatively connected to this iobox is not constrained by this.

so min/max defined in an iobox are part of the ioboxes subtype. and subtypes are only used as a hint by the gui, never by nodes.

still, i see no reason for these preset values in general and the specific value (why 1000.0000). primitives in programming languages should be as universal as possible and should not make any assumptions whatsoever.