Make bang, make sound

I’m trying to make a sound play on a bang and I can’t quite get it. I don’t know if this is an audio problem or a general patch flow program, because I’m a newbie both to this object/visual programming and vvvv. I’m basically looking for a “doorbell” type patch, every time you send it a bang, it plays a sound file. Right now I have it setup like in the attached picture, which I think is a start, it at least lets me play the sound more than once.

soundtest_2007.04.05-17.49.39.jpg (17.2 kB)

oooh, the Toggle (Animation) looks like it might be very helpful.

Next time post a Patch in stead off screeny, cozz I have no idea what pin off the filestream you used (and I am too lazy to check).

A monoflop, with the lenght off the filestream might also help, conected to the play button, or dis-able the loop off the filestream and use the toggle.

Monoflop looks like it is exactly what I need, thanks. It should help in a lot of other places as well.