Make an arrow in v4

Hi evvvvery body,

I have a simple question, how to easily draw a 2D arrow in v4? (In the EX9 renderer)

I know the arrow module which import a .X file but how to make an arrow with the possibility to define in real time the shape of this arrow without modifying a x file …

It’s seems to be a stupid question but I assume that without using a lot the Expr node (to use math formula), I dont find a better and simple solution…

Thanks for your help

What kind of Arrow you need? An outline, or a Quad with an arrow texture? What you mean with modify? Quad + Segment can make a basic arrow.

I just need a basic really basic arrow, but I dont want to build it thanks to a texture on a quad or from .x file like the module “arrow(EX9)” because I want to be able to change in realtime the angle and the lenght of the arrow head.

If I did that with a textured quad then I also change the size of the arrow “body” when I change the quad size.

Thanks for the advice, I will try to use quad + segment.

use a grid with x,y=3 resolution then deform it via arbitrary transform

Thanks you for your tips,

But I didn’t succeed to make something more simple than my patch made with formula.

I join my messy patch to show you what I’m trying to improve but dont
laugh at me please :)

If there is no way to improve it, it’s not really important, I was just thinking that it should exist a really simple way to make a really simple arrow.

arrow.v4p (27.6 kB)