Make a spread with specific repetitions of the integers

Hope someone can help me with something I am sure will be obvious.

How to make a spread containing certain repetitions of the numbers from 0 to n.
for example (0,0,0,1,2,2,2,2, … n,n,n)
I have a spread that lists these qtys (3,1,4, … ,3)
this list changes length and content depending on other inputs so the solution must adapt to this.

The resultant spread is to be used with GetSlice


Select (Value) is your node here. whats your goal, do you need the indices for a GetSlice? then you can use Select directly, if its just numbers or strings you want to GetSlice…

Thanks so much for your answer tonfilm, that was more obvious than I thought !!!
I will look into whether I do need that GetSlice!