this is a question to the Mainloop-node.
-What is the difference between pins “Maximum forground fps” and “Maximum background fpsS”?

I think, that foreground is for the Vvvv interface refresh rate and background for internals. But is a render window/preview window internal or interface? Whats about a fullscreen window?

-And how can I optimize the performance of my system if I checked all values/nodes (no need for interface interaction) and I want all power for the rendering and internals? Best to raise background to 120fps and foreground only 15fps?

Thanks Frank

hi, foreground is the max framerate of vvvv if its the selected application in windows. if you switch to another app vvvv goes max to background framerate. so set background to 1 or 0 if you like to have processor power for other apps if you switch to them. also select the node and press F1, the MainLoop has a good help patch.

if you switch to fullscreen, vvvv will optimize performance for rendering…

I had misunderstood the helppatch, because I thought the sentence “lower the framerate” and “needs long time to contect nodes” is something about the interface in foreground.
But its for the whole application!

Thank you tonfilm
Ciao Frank