Mac air seconday click for vvvv

Im using a mac air 2011 with bootcam (1st mac that i own), vvvv works great!, i love this lap due to the size and weight, and the intel graphics cards it working verry nice, but i cant get the “rigth click” to work! :#€@#~¬|!

already tested bootcam options, i can do it with 2 finguers or on the boton righ corner, either of them works on vvvv to move the values on the ioboxes… it seems that it works, but it just move the value a little bit…

what i am doing wrong here ? how do you mac users fix this ?

I use a mouse ;)

already try creating a keymatch with the Fn key, connected to a AND node, then a mose rigth click connected to the same and node, and the output of the 2 key togueter to a Cursor rigth click pin, but it doest work on vvvvv itself !, on any other software exept vvvv works !

can this be programed on visual b ? or something ?

Input remapper is what I use, but ther maybe win7 isuues…

@vjc4 you’re not doing anything wrong. vvvv on a macbook without a mouse is a pain in the ass. right clicking works fine as you mentioned, but right-click-dragging is effectively not working.

somehow this makes it sound like this is a vvvv problem…

let’s put it this way: using professional grade windows software on a system which has no buttons on its touchpad is a p.i.t.a.

(ironically also applies to most professional mac software i personally used (e.g. cinema4d/maya))

the reason why i bouth that mac air, its the size, and the reasonable price in relation hardware:specs … i know it sound stupid, but i have the chance to buy that mac at uss price here in arg ( a friend bouth it there and bring it to me ), but he wast able to get a bigger one, and that machine here, its 2600uss! … and for the price that i paid i cant get more that a 2 core with 2gb of ram, 5400hdd and no graphic card at all, and with a huge messy cheap build like GateWay o Toshiba…

vvvv works much much MUCH better than what i thought… WITH A MOUSE :@

i dont fell its a vvvv issue, i guess its a mose driver issue, that behaviour off freezing righ click draggin its present on other softwares as well, i will be lovly to have a FN bind to rigth click. The drivers that catwesel mentioned before dont work on 2011 mac air :(

Do you have the BootCamp software installed on your Windows7 O/S ?

Right click on the BootCamp small icon and get into the ‘Boot Camp Control Panel’ --> Trackpad tab --> I make the ‘Right click’ as ‘Use two figers to tap’ or One Figer click on the Bottom Right Corner’ both works very well.

@kkcci88888 do you have a mac air 2011 11" ?
i try that, works perfect on any app exept vvvv, the other option is to use the corner of the trakpad as a secondary click, same issue

for complex things i have my mouse, but i would love to … at least, be able to move a slider on vvvv without a mouse