Mac air 2011 and vvvv?

well i guess i love the mac hardware, only if it works with my favorite software …
i was quite impressed for this video…

is this intel HD 3000 compatible with vvvv?

I don t see why it shouldn t, don t expect too much out of it though.

I think a new Macbook Air PRO (15") is rumored to be released before Xmas this year.
SSD, super flat, good grafix performance and without optical drive. sounds very good.
check out the apple rumor pages…

my question was on the wrong website :P … intel graphics dont work on Resolume Avenue… i dont know about this one…

i want something confortable to use… im used to 4kilograms laptops … i need a change, and the screen resolution its “nice” for that size

I have the older MBA 11" (2010 I believe) and it runs vvvv fine. I do lots of writing of patches/shaders on it and love it (the ssd makes up for slower cpu for most coding). In general I just drop my particle/mesh counts down when running on the MBA and then up them again when running on my iMac or MBP (I am clearly an Apple fan).

jpryde do you have the dp to dvi adaptor ?
i think that mba 2010 have a nvidia graphics card, righ ? works fine dual dysplay on seven?

Yep, I use the dp-to-dvi adapter to drive my large monitor (1920x1080) and it still can display on the MBA screen. I’m pretty sure it has an NVidia 320M. You won’t be rendering anything too crazy with it but it drives the big monitor just fine for normal work and I can work on vertex/pixel shaders fine. I’m not sure I would use it to do visuals but it works great for everything else (seems to even compile xcode pretty fast).

In general, I am a HUGE fan of these machines and am considering trading mine up to the new i5/i7 models. I do a lot of work on mine and I think it would pair nicely with some desktop machines with dedicated cards for doing real rendering. The 11" is so small/light that I usually forget I am carrying around a laptop until I actually need to do some work.

great to know that! :)
but on this model 2011 the cpu seems to be much faster, but… the intel hd3000 … i dont know about that… did you try modul8 ? seems to be one of the best mac vjapp… but still, nothing can beat vvvv :)

Ahhhh, interesting! I didn’t realize that the GPU was a downgrade, definitely gives me pause about upgrading. Still, it sounds like they are fairly comparable (though it is too bad that they didn’t take the opportunity to upgrade the gpu):

Ok, i have with my my mac air 2011 with 4gb of ram ssd128 (samsung) and the intel 3000

im downloading vvvvbeta26 now,
what is the best benckmark that i can run so you can get an idea of how fast this is ? i have the dp to vga adapter