Lumax node update

I started testing Lumax node with Minilumax device, it seems to work nicely, no problem to detect it, voltage changes accordingly to the interface, I measured only positive voltage for color, while the protocol requires both negative and positive, and there is the blanking issue, i.e. switching off the laser while travelling from one point to a far one, this is important to have the real shape displayed without fuzzling arcs between the points…
I succesfully extracted and displayed with Contour and plotted the xy points to the interface, it works realtime as expected…

Hey nice to hear that !
Where did you order the Lumax interface ? And how fast does it works on vvvv ? I mean, can you draw something complex ? I still don’t get how it works … I just ordered one of this because there is a node ld2000 that seems to work with that interface

Please give me some advice, I have a 1w rgb laser and no ilda interface :<(

if you have no ilda, it would need a dac soundcard i think, to control the galvos amp you just send from audiocard to change xy
'bout minilumax i got from for about 200€ case included
Lumax drivers has less option than ld2000 as i see, should implement blanking manually i think, but who cares;)

anyway interface name you got is FB3-QS, but as i see they always sell with software, that we don’t need

i kinda need it, im planing on do some rental with that software and use only that, to project logos and stuff, and at the same time see if i can do something more with vvvv. vvvv its secundary with this project, but im verrrrrrry instrested to see how far can we get here.

i will see what can i do with the Ld2000 node, but it works like the Lumax ? X,Y,R,G,B, blank, ect… its very similar, my question is, how do you get the graphics there ?
is it possible to do something at least 1% of this :) ! ?

hope so!!! I guess i will be getting it in 15 day or so, please let me know what can you do with the Lumax!

of course you can do lot of stuff, depends how you do fine tune the system, and what can you program, it’s an analogic system after all and noise will ruin the presentation

androsyn can you show me an example of how to use the lumax node to draw something “complex” ?

at the end of this month i will test the Ld2000 device with qm2000 board and publish some tutorials, luckily i found a friend working in a laser rent service, hope they’ll clarify to me too basic concepts

androsyn grat! im getting the Pangoling next week! , i realy want to get the most from my laser and vvvv… i paid a little bit more for the pangoling, and i can sell it rigth away if i want to ( so i can get the Lumax ), let ut know how that work, i will post my experience on this thread also :)