LTC SMPTE Timecode


I was looking for some LTC SMPTE Timecode reader writer ,specially reader, i saw this post SMPTE / LTC reader - video playback synchronisation and got the Elliots great plug to work in latest v4 32 bits.

But memory leak is there as avaos said very slow but there.

Is there any alternative to this using vaudio or similar ?


Hi , i just found how to use it in vaudio and it works. ;D LTC_RME_Vaudio.v4p (9.1 KB)

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@colorsound this builds 18 LTC decoders which is pretty expensive, the GetSlice should be before the decoder so it doesn’t get hit by a high spread count if your card has many inputs:

LTC_RME_Vaudio_fix.v4p (9.2 KB)

@tonfilm , thank you ¡¡

Hi, What i could not find out is how to use the encoder LTC in vaudio, any help patch around ?

I want to try it as i get little jumps in the decoder when plying my sync file, also in decoder it seems it finds out the framing auto as it has no frame pins ?

LTCEncoder (VAudio Source) help.v4p (29.3 KB)
LTCDecoder (VAudio Source) help.v4p (29.4 KB)

hi colorsound, you can derive frames from seconds, which is a bit simpler:
LTCEncoder (VAudio Source) help.v4p (19.9 KB)

Ok, thank you.

thank you for the help patches, will add them to VAudio.

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