Low latency VST instrument in vvvv?

any idea how to make this happen. i like how easy it is to use vst instruments in vvvv but the latency makes it quite unusable.

is it just the directshow driver or something else ? what about ASIO ? i know bassaudio from vux is capable of routing to ASIO but there is no bass VST instrument plugin.

anyway, i’m just looking for a convenient way to trigger samples with low latency and i’m thinking about building my own vst sampleplayer…

Have you tried sanchs very nice irrklang plugin? (sorry, no link as i’m on a Mobile phone )

hm, but there is VST (Bass DSP)?!

thats just for vst effects, not instruments.

cheers for the irrklang hint…

uk, and have you tried what is mentioned under Latency here: audio output

kxproject is working with a specific audiochip and reclock just seems outdated and not working with win7 …i tried it.

thinking about this, playing audio in vvvv has always been a little sketchy compared to max/msp. mmm, gonna have look at this irrklang thing again.

anyway, a vst sampler instrument with asio connection, triggered by vvvv could solve most of my problems, just playing little eventsounds without latency. i did some research on a c# vst host, but no real luck so far.

ok, ill take it all back :) kind of. the irrklang plugin is actually quite nice. works better than the native stuff.


I haven´t tried it myself, but from what I read in this article (just skip the itunes part), Virtual Audio Cable and the included tool Audio Repeater may help to reduce latency.

gonna check this. thanx