Low frame rate: HDCP problem?

Hi guys!

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I couldn’t help myself on Google.

Recently I faced the same problem two times: When connecting my GPU to a HDMI-Ethernet extender (which is connected to the projector through some other devices installed at the venue and which I don’t know much about) the final projected image apparently had a much lower frame rate than in vvvv, about twice as low.

First I thought that it is related to the extender or other devices between the GPU and the projector which I have no influence on.

But last week I had a concert in another location, but with a similar situation (HDMI to Ethernet to projector) where some of my patches worked without any problem but other patches where displayed on the projector with much lower frame rate, extreme delays or stops (up to some seconds) or the signal completely interrupted (black screen, “no source found”). vvvv however worked fine with a constant frame rate.

I figured out that the problem was caused by my cheap HDMI switch (one input and two outputs) between my PC and the HDMI-Ethernet extender. I use the switch for simulating a projector shutter, i.e. a black screen: the first output of the switch is connected to the projector and the second output to a EDID emulator which simulates the same projector.

I removed the HDMI Switch and everything worked fine. But still, I would like to understand what caused this problem. I was told that it could be related to the HDCP not being forwarded properly. But why some vvvv patches worked (even with the HDMI switch) and other not? Also, when quitting vvvv, the Windows desktop and menues were projected without any problems, even through the switch.

Have you ever encountered similar problems? Thanks.