Low cost Imaging Source camera

Hi vvvvorum,
I found this low cost usb camera from Imaging Source.


Specs seem good for a 89€ camera. Any experience/issues? Does the driver work fine with vvvv?

There shouldn’t be any problems with ImagingSource Hardware. These Drivers are well programmed. But you have to order M12 Lens seperately, and most of them have very cheap manufacturing quality so you have to pay much for good lenses.

@@avaos: I think I’ll buy lenses from Imaging Source distributor. Does the driver allow to control in manual way the camera proprieties and save them?

good question, I know that Logitech has a problem with that. We had to use Mouseclickautomation to set the Driver the right way every time the system starts… ;)

But I think that this functionality has to be there because they are selling their cams as machine vision. An sure it’s a usecase in machine vision to set parameters manually. On the old Firewire-IS-Cams there was another softwaretool to do that. But don’t blame me if thats not correct…

Does anyone know if the Microsoft Studio Cam has a propper driver with manual functionality?