Lots of floats via OSC

Hey All,

i am trying to send the first 10 coordinates and IDs from the “Contour” Node via OSC to processing for further useage… i managed to put them all in a large string and send it separated by / … since i dont want to write a method that parses it and converts it back to floats, i would like to send 30 floats in one osc message… i managed to use Stallone and AsString to send them all to the OSC encoder, but in processing i just get a message with the correct adress pattern(/blobs), the correct typetag(fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff) but “null” arguments. even when i try to decode the message in vvvv theres just a string /blobs and a typetag and nothing. is this a OSC Encoder Bug? or do you have to send every argument to another OSC Encoder???

i attached the patch for reference.

thanks a lot in advance!


contourtest_looksgood_OSC_2.v4p (11.2 kB)


the adress in your OSCEncoder is not exactly

but is actually
/blobs plus one invisible character like linefeed …

reset the OSCEncoders adress input and reinsert the string

that should be it.


that and some other unpacking issues in processing were the problem, which is now solved…

thanks joreg!