Lost paths on boygroup clients


I have seen sometimes that dynamic plugins and shaders not showing in the client computers.

Having the same computer.
same folder and assets structure.

Basically what happens is that you have a dynamic plugin in your server is on C:\PJ\vvvv\contribution\plugins and in your client is in

but in the client even though is there and triple check, it does not find it, if you go to the client and drag it manually it finds then you save the patch and next time is not there again.

the workaround so to get the plugin start with the patch normally was to move it from original folder to the same patch folder, and make a nodelist node pointing there.

In the client if you hover the mouse it shows the wrong path like maybe when it was saved for its first time but as i said you delete drag manually save the patch and the same.

This behavior is not as easy to reproduce it can happen or not.

(not sure if is only with dynamic or it can be with other plugs too)

hei color,

thanks for your report. please check latest alphas for a fix.

Great ¡¡, thank you :D