Lost in proportions

I am relatively new to the 3D world and visuals in general. I am attempting my first approchings to 3D mapping. I see the setup it s all an art by itself, so I learned some basic Blender to import x files in vvvv. I am a bit lost about unit measures. It s fairly easy to build a 3D model with the same proportions as my objects but when it s time to deal with the real world, for example the real distance of the projector to the object then it s all another matter. What is the best practice about that?

You read this? http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=How+To+Project+On+3D+Geometry

yes, and many times… per day ;)

I got the whole idea of the 3D mapping technique, I even did my first mapping.

What i still don t understand is…let s try to make it as simple as possible… if i build a cube which is 1x1x1 in Blender it won t necessary be 1x1x1 in vvvv. Somehow I miss the usual units as in normal 2D world … probably it s just a matter of getting used to the new tools…

build a cube 1x1x1 in Blender, then bring into vvvv and scale it till it is the same as a 1x1x1 cube in vvvv. Viewing in wireframe and zooming in on corners will help you adjust you Blender X File very precisely. Make a note of this scale value. Should be the same for XYZ so you can use UniformScale if you like. Now make other 3d shapes in Blender and check the scale works for them too.

Now decide on your scale for the real world. i.e. 1 unit in vvvv = 1m in the real world. Any scale works for this if I remember correctly, been a little while. You must now enter all you’re projector measurements in the same scale. So if you decide 1 unit in vvvv = 1m , then something like you’re ‘width of image on lens’ value should be 0.03, i.e it is 3cm wide.

So the units don’t really matter, as long as you keep consistent with everything.

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