Loss of quality and colour via DX9Texture with Transparency

Attached ZIP shows a very very simple process that shows an issue with alpha and DX9Texture node.

I’m trying to achieve the best results from minimum passes. The best result I’ve achieved uses SetAlpha as an extra pass but it is still not perfect. There is a slight loss of colour and the alpha channel is still causing artefacts. See patch.

What is the best practice here dealing with this issue? How can I get exact matching textures with alpha out of a DX9Texture node?


TextureAlphaIssue.zip (912.2 kB)

i can see your problem and don’t fully understand why it does this (i’d also expect the output of the dx9 texture to be the same as displayed in the first renderer).

but: there is two things you can try to achieve your desired result

  • change the texture format of the dx9 texture to X8R8G8B8
  • use a Blend (EX9.RenderState) with mode ColorAsAlphaBlend on the second quad (the one before renderer “ViaDX9Texture”)

this is highly related to: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/10513

also read the link joreg posted, to understand what happens to the color channels when you use alpha blending.
so play around with the advanced Blend node on both the quad which renders the textures and the one which displays the DX9Texture.

ah ok. I’ve not had the chance to get back into this but I will report back. I did play around with advanced blends but didn’t really understand what I was doing. This info help with that. thanks