Looking for company to set up permanent installation in berlin

Hey Vvvvellows,

as stated in the title i’m looking for a company which could set up and support a retail store installation in berlin which will be consisting of 3-4 projectors and a single 19" rack pc to drive them. As the installation will be done in vvvv i’d prefer a company with a bit of vvvv experience, but i’d also be interested in companies recommended by vvvv users.


what do you need, only hardware support or vvvv support, too

satis, maybe?

@envoy: actually only hardware support, though having someone in that company who would be able to e.g. update a patch would be a plus.

@bjoern: i’d love satis, but thought they only do event stuff.

for only hardware, you can speak with ict berlin

Well I made an “installation” for a store in Berlin for them…
But don’t know, just ask @msberger.

Me, if you like. I’m not a big company but have done a few such installations.