Looking for a (very) infrared sensitive camera

i am urgently looking for a camera with high infrared sensitivity
its for a tracking table with the size of 120 (width) x 90 (height) x 90 cm (distance)
unlike other multitracking tables (like the reaktable) the ir light has to come from above
because we are tracking glass objects
but the camera and the projector are located in the table
so the six 920nm ir leds (http://www.monacor.de/typo3/index.php?id=84&L=0&artid=5736&spr=DE&typ=full)
are 90cm above the surface and the camera is 90cm below the table surface
because of this distance the camera needs to be more ir sensitive than mutltitouch tracking solutions with lights from below
as daylight filter for the camera i use a 720nm filter
it tried several monochrome cameras like:
The Imaging Source DMK 21AU04 (http://www.theimagingsource.com/en_US/products/cameras/usb-ccd-mono/dmk21au04)
IDS UI-1220ME-M-DL (http://www.ids-imaging.com/frontend/products.php?interface=USB&family=LE&lang=e)
Eneo VK-1313/IR 230 V (http://www.eneo-security.com/item/5266/5269/0/103807/index.html)
but they are not enough sensitive
i had the best results with the eneo camera but its is not getting produced anymore
the camera i am looking for needs a cs mount for wideangle objective
an shouldn’t cost more than 500 euros

thanks in advance for any hints

You could try a Point Grey Firefly. You´ll find the “sensor response curve” on the second page of the datasheet. Looks promising to me, especially if you´d consider to use other IR LED that emit a shorter wavelength (850nm).

the most ir sensitive camera that i know is the guppy from avt
there’s some NIR versions, that have a special ccd vvvveery sensible for the ir light (i use it with 850nm bandpass filter and 850nm ir light like rayled from raymax

anyway consider that the 920nm wavelenght of the ir illuminators is not the best for thispurpouses, because all the cameras is more sensible with wavelenghts aound 850-890nm. Probably a single raymax50 from raymax does much more light (for the camera) than all the 6 monacor

bjoern and screamer
thanks a lot for your replies
i will look at these cameras
i bought the 920nm lights because they have the very wide angle of 160°
because they are so far from the camera a light with narrow angle will give me a bright spot in the middle of the picture
an the glasses i try to track are getting strong shadows which i also track then
even if i use a diffuser folio
i didn’t find anything similar and affordable (100 euro) in the 850nm range
i will have a lookt at the raymax

@screamer: did you find any capture driver for the guppy or do you use just the sdk ?

@monroebot: my friend and partner created a dll using avt sdk and the wrote a plugin in c# that put frames in sharedmemory (something like ueyecam device from joreg). here you find the thread for this. i don’t remember if there is a recent version of the dll, tomorrow i can ask to hierro when we’ll meet at work ;)
anyway i remember that there is a synck butto to press :)