Looking for a patch that i think LFO'd HSV color ranges for DMX

Looking for a patch that i think LFO’d HSV color ranges for DMX.

I had it and lost it. Now I cannot find it. Anyone have it? It was a bunch of bars that generated colors to pimp your lights.

does not sound like an unsolvable problem at all.

but it is not that easy to guess what you really want achieve?!?

and: what brand/type of fixtures do you want to control?
those may offer slight variations in interpreting received DMX-data…

kind regards

I’ve got it basically going. The thing I’m trying to do is I have slow or fast pulsing lights of similar colors. I want to do green, blue, white/yellow natural candle light and red.

I used to have a patch I found on vvvv.org where someone had already done something like this. I think there were 2 examples in the patch. One had LFOs and one had random spread but the colors were limited to a range of blue values.

lights.zip (9.3 kB)

he he … happy to see a little_cat user ;-)

something like this ?

RGB.v4p (15.1 kB)


I found this some time ago.
May help in your quest?

I do not know who patched it?



node08.DMX-BASICS.zip (93.6 kB)

Whoops forgot to say open up
Subpatches directory and open

That has some funky stuff going