Long ThreadSleep cause endless hot swapping

For example, these causing a freezing with red “hot swapping” indicator. The only way to rerun gamma is to kill it by task explorer.

yes, ThreadSleep will block the current thread and no other thread (in this case HotSwap) can do anything in that time, it is not recommended for long periods.

in your use case a timer is better, or Task.Delay…

here is some more info: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20082221/when-to-use-task-delay-when-to-use-thread-sleep

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How Timer works? Please give any clue how to use it because I can’t understand

Also I found very buggy behavior in relation with observable nodes. If thread sleep in async loop around 10ms then observable nodes in the same application cant work properly and lost messages.

does this help?

the Timer node already outputs an observable. have a look at the reactive workshop where we used a timer to do web requests:

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