Long scrolling text, constant speed

Hi All

I have on several occasions made modules that had scrolling text with constant speed.

I there is however a problem when having really long text. So it would seem necessary to break up the text into smaller parts that are continuously loading so the text scrolling in theory can be close to infinite.

Has anyone any experience with really long scrolling text?


Ideally taking something like scrolling through a book.

I ended up making one myself, quite simple actually once I got my head around it.

EDIT: new module

TextScroller (EX9).zip (6.1 kB)

hello sunep,
I’m trying to use your object but I find a little problem.
With a specific font (like Variable) the italic mode generate a cut on the word.
Above you can see an example
I’m searching to solve this problem but I don’t understand why only with a specific font :(


Cool just wanted to patch one :) Thank you!!

The Iobox “Text Field Width (px)” gives 2 slices, making everything goes double, waste of resources.