Log file

Hi All

I have on several occasions wanted to make a log file.

I would like several parts of my patches to write to this log file.

I have been thinking about using S and R nodes, but using those I can only send from one place.

I have been thinking about using shared memory or some kind of UDP and then just sending to Localhost. But I am uncertain about concurrency and how each case will handle that and besides that performance.

How do you make such logs, the current way I have found is to just have a little sub patch using writer (File) and then just have several instances of that around and write into the same file. It works, but I feel that it should be possible to do that with just one instance of the patch that writes to the log file.

I think I remember a thread where it was stated that in beta22 the tty renderer would be able to output as string… perhaps it could be possible to have a print command like the print in max/msp that print the inputted text in the max window. the vvvv print command would then print in the tty renderer.

Just some thoughts that I have been wondering about for some time now and I am pretty sure I am not the only one with that need so if you have solved that one, I am curious how.


Depending on what you need in it, the Logfile node might help!


The logfile node goes some of the way, but I would like to create more custom messages, log every time button A or button B has been pressed just as a simple example.

the Write (TTY) , WriteLn (TTY) , WritePage (TTY) are there already and with the string output of TTY comes with beta>21.

but i’d say using multiple Writer (File) nodes writing to the same file should not cause any troubles. also the UDP variant sounds not too bad, you’d only probably need to create timestamps and sort received strings by timestamp before writing to a file.

and also look here