Locking patch to the frame rate of a video

is it possible to get the frame rate of a video and run the patch at that frame rate.

the Mainloop node is very precise, just set it to the exact video fps and you should be good. otherwise you would need to build some blocking mechanism with observables and tasks/waits… which is possible too.

let us know if you need that.

some times I work with multiple videos with different frame rates. so I think it should be possible. Perhaps by having a framerate output on the videoplayer.

I think both should be possible.

Can you elaborate on the use case? What exactly are you trying to achieve here. You say you have multiple videos with different frame rates and you want to force running the patch at one of them?!

I am implementing an optical soundtrack reader.
I want to sample the optical wave in the video, both in real time and offline writing it to an audio buffer.
For the last usecase it will be usefull to run the patch at exactly the frame rate of the video (ideally the videplayer should run with the mainloop, so I can render the audio faster than real time without rendering to single frames).

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In VL.OpenCV there is a blocking VideoIn for such purposes. See also HowTo batch process a video.

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oooh, nice and buffers in VAudio…
I am a happy man now :) VL makes so much sense, once the you get the simple stuff that works different in order.

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