Loading Images


This may be something simple, at least the first part may, but please bare with me.

How do you go about loading images into vvvv for use in a composition? Then, how would I go about manipulating that image with a grid, kind of like the Photoshop Liquify tool?

Basically, I want an image of a grass blade and I want to make it look like it is bending.

Any pointers would really help me out.

Take care, A.


For loading image u can use the node FileTexture (EX9.Texture) .

Then u can connect in the texture pin of any nodes into the DX9 category Quad (DX9) for exemple.

For the bending maybe it’s possible with the deform by texture shader (look at the user shader page) but maybe there’s other way of doing that.

Hope that help a little,

to transform textures, you need to render them onto a mesh.
then you need to tweak the coordinates of your mesh.


One tricky way to simulate bending grass, leafs … is to use a volumetric shader ( there is one on the shader section from Sanch)

After all is you want to do it without a shader you need to use a grid with a gouraud directionnal for example and split the vertex shader in order to manipulate XYZ from your grid.

That means Grid-> Mesh Split -> Vertex Split -> Vertex Join -> Mesh Join -> gouraud Directionnal.

You can manipulate the XYZ between Vertex Split and Join.

See the Fluid dynamic Sphere for ex into the GirlPower folder.There is a example of spliting vertex