Load textures not in graphic ram

I using a Canon eos 1000D with the Canon utilities to trigger from the pc and get the pictures delivered directly in a folder. I am using a simple patch to view the pictures in a renderer.
The problem is that vvvv loads all these textures in the graphic card ram, using a lot of memory i d better use for something else.
Now, I see 2 ways out: the first one would be a way not to load the images in the graphic card RAM, but I wouldn t know how; the second one is to automatically resize the incoming images to a very low resolution (thumbnails) and load those in the “image viewer”.
Help? Ideas?

put only one filename in the filetexture pin and vvvv will load only one picture…

to load the images in low res, set the desired width/height for the filetexture node in the inspektor.

basically I need to see all the pictures, I am spreading them in a grid, I ll check the Inspektor for file texture, tx