Load not installed font files

Hello VVVVusers,

i’m searching any way to open and use font files which not installed on the system. Is there a posibility to use ttf, pfm, otf files from an subfolder with nodes like TextMetrics, Typewriter, GlyphInfo and so on.

The idea behind is a little font-preview-software which handels (install, deinstall, activate, deaactivate) my font-files.

thank you for your tipps.

I think it does not help … more who did this is a genius … I found the forum a while back …

font.rar (8.8 kB)


thank you for reply, but my question is, how can i work with not installed fonts. Your patch has nothing to do with this.
i’m looking for a solution to open a font-file and work with it in vvvv.

To my knowledge, all font related nodes depend on system-wide available fonts. Unless you come up with a method to interpret ubiquitous font formats, generate a texture as a result and handle calls ie. in Java for de-/activation, you may want to check some opensource font managers for solutions like Opcion.