Load mesh on DX11

loading meshes on DX11 seems to be relegated to the assimp nodes. Now, none of the meshs I try to load with those nodes seem to work, the very same meshes do work with the dx9 version of the assimp nodes.
Any trick, tip, hint, nudge ?

I can do a vertex buffer split and recompose with a Mesh Geometry Join Subset.

what does not work exactly? is it a shader (invalid layout) issue?

yes layout is not valid. Same mesh works on DX9 Assimp.

this is not assimp or geometry loading problem, in dx11 if a semantic is missing from your geometry it won’t render it instead of filling it with 0’s. If you save your geometry from blender you will notice that blender doesn’t create texcoords by default, you have to go to Edit mode and unwrap the vertices.

Microdee I am pretty sure I ve done my UV mappings right, but I ll do more testings.

When you try to render look at the layout valid output pin from shader and the message one.

It should tell you if you miss semantic.

I am having the same problem. This section needs a poper update with a focus on DX11:
howto prepare x files

@robotanon or @elektromeier are up for a blender DX11 export tutorial maybe?

that’s what u need to add to ur mesh to make it work, also DX11 don’t really like X,
so use obj or dae instead