Lline Spread

Hi everyone, i have a problem:
how can i get the shape of the line with a spread of quads?

what do you mean exactly? do you mean placing quads along the line?
see arclength 2d/3d node and just spread the “Position On Curve” pin.
also upload your patch when having more questions.

Thank you for the reply. And yes, I mean placing quads along the line. I put arclength 2d but I am having troubles. I upload the file on wetransfer becouse I am a new user and I can’t upload the patch here. https://we.tl/yGv03ltss8

  1. line needs 3d coordinates, even when you draw just 2d
  2. your random spread had not quite the right amount of points (must clean divide by 3)
  3. your arclength is the 2d version. nothing bad about this when you need just 2d, but then make sure to feed it just 2d coordinates (see the xy and xyZ nodes)

line_quad2.v4p (22.1 KB)

funny that a guest can upload but a registered user can not…

Ok, I did not understand why you put that map.
Anyway thank you!

just an other way to create that position spread.

We all need a good laugh every now and then

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