Live video jerky


I am a newbee and playing around with patches provided. I found granularvideo.v4p and started to tinker around with it, but I get a jerky behauviour (well, it is jerky by design, but if I pass the texture directly to the quad no difference).

As soon as I add two instances of the Module Camera (Transform SoftImage) - ( because it was running smoothly when the blender patch was running in the background and after deleting everything inside the blender patch except camera) it runns smoothly again.

If the two Camera instances are missing, and I keep on moving my mouse over the patch the video is kind of smooth.

It looks as if vvvv does need an input or trigger of some kind to draw new frames.


This is not an urgent problem, but hints would be greatly apreciated.



Thought I found a work around, but didnt…

the FAQ AV is a little unprecise here… did you play with the WaitForFrame pin on your VideoTexture? if your video has 25fps set it to 40ms

video playback under windows has a very low priority by default. So if someone is consuming too much cpu, video playback gets jerky. using all available cpu is obviously the way to go with vvvv. setting the waitforframe pin tells vvvv to wait for the windows video playback.

i´ll update the faq…

That works. Thank you very much for this quick reply!