Live recording hdmi output?

Sorry for making new thread on that subject, but i dont understand, if i can use hardware like capture cards for live recording in vvvv , so i dont need software like fraps or obs, wich taking alot of resources and droping fps? Can i send hdmi output from my graphic card to video capture card directly?

If you just want to record the output of vvvv I can recommend Nvidia experience. It has a very good GPU recorder. AMD probably has something similar.

Otherwise sure, any HDMI recorder will work.

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Ok thanks i will try, but still wanna use all pc power for vvvv render… by hdmi recorder u mean any capture card with hdmi in? its all i try to figure out ! thanks

I use an atomos recorder to record in prores. The cheaper ones do inter-frame compression which falls completely apart with my super noisy and flickering visuals. But if you don’t make noisy and flickering visuals, the cheaper ones are probably fine.

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