Live dss texture

is there a way to generate a dds texture in realtime for use in the reflection shaders? or is there any other way to do a simple reflection for a single object in a changing environment?

since nobody responded yet, I will try to make my question more specific.

I have a simple sphere ( or a teapot, for that matter ). Also I have an environment around the sphere, that is constantly moving.

To have the object reflect the environment, one needs a shader (for example kalles cubereflection) that can handle environmental maps.

Environmental maps can be cube maps ( the six sides of a cube), that are usually (static) dds files. My idea was to have six renderpasses to get the six sides of the virtual cube around the center of my object and somehow pack them to a dds cube texture and use that as environmental map.

and again my question: how can i bundle six dxtextures into one dds texture for use in a shader supporting reflections?

it appears that nobody tried that before. but DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) has a pin for texture type that can be set to ‘Cube Texture’. so maybe you can have a try yourself?

The Info node doesn’t react to a change of the dx9Texture pin in question. can a developer shed some light on this please?

btw: I tried with elektromeiers khronos generator, but its massive abuse of pipet is just too slow for real time purposes.

I requested this feature a couple of times before… I had to stop it as Joreg would probably kill me if I asked once more ;)
Unfortunately the ‘cube texture’-option is a fake - it has no function yet.

As far as I recall, someone did a sphere-mapping shader some time ago, but I don’t remember who it was or where to find it. Michel? Gregsn?


the sphere mapping sounds like it could help.

a clever cubemap shader could also cut out the correct 6 areas from one 2d rectangular texuture.

it is just that you could not use the nice texCUBE HLSL function.

erm, joreg…please implement this function. i just tried the same and realized the cubetexture option doesnt work.

cheers :)

animated reflections sound like a great effect! hmmmm… the possibilities of cool camera angles on reflective surfaces, like they love to do in the movies. please.

any news on this topic ? has someone made a shader like seb.oschatz proposed ?

cube and volume texture generation comes with dx10, it doesnt exist in dx9 :(