Live bullet time

hi guys -

im new to vvvv and have experimented a little, but would like some tips on how i can achieve a concept i have in mind:

i have an array of webcams that can bring in live feed into vvvv. id like to composite their live feeds into a renderer box to give a bullet time effect.

basically, just sequencing a frame from each webcam one after the other. anyone have any tips?


i don’t have any experience with getting an array of webcam feeds into vvvv; but once you’ve got that going, you can use nodes like Cons (EX9.Texture) , Queue (EX9.Texture) and GetSlice (Node) to achieve the bullettime-effect.

It should be “in theory” be pretty straight forward, i expect you may encounter issues when trying to input many webcams eg, usb limits, cpu useage, driver conflights, but its definately possible! Love to know how you get on.