Listing videoin device names

seems there is only one ugly way to List available video input devices with their friendly names using the info (enumerations) node

so perhaps something more elegant can be done

if anyone is interested :)

this is implemented in OpenCV plugins

node is ListDevices (OpenCV DirectShow)

if you want to use device at slice 0 then input 0 into the VideoIn (OpenCV DirectShow) node

thanks elliot
in the last release i’ve only the ListDevices (CLeye)


i must not have put DirectShow in that release
here’s a quick ‘nightly build’ of all the OpenCV stuff (minus MS Kinect, RGBDToolkit and some other project specific stuff)

After CalibrateProjector demo is released (need to get back to somewhere with a projector for final tests, vid) then I’ll update the contribution (15.1 MB)

thx elliot
works great

regarding the OpenNI modules … no red nodes like with previous version,
but no image output (Context->images->Astexture)
and this msg @ the status output pin of the Context node :
Got a timeout while waiting for a network command to complete!

1.59 OpenNI?
openni simpleviewer runs?

seems there was a problem with the openni install
so i replace the Redist openni with openni-win32-
the simpleviewer sample is running fine here.

in vvvv27.2 the error in the Context node moved to the Images node on the first Open bang! a second or sometimes a third bang on the Context node give me an image and an OK status :)

Images node throw : Error! on the first opening

the double bang thing is not necessary when the patch has been closed and reopened without quitting vvvv.

when closing the patch here’s what i’ve in the TTY

00:12:30 ERR : Method not found: ‘StreamReader<System.__Canon> VVVV.PluginInterfaces.V2.Spread`1.GetEnumerator()’. while Deleting Node of Type ? (?)
00:12:30 - : To help us track this error down, enable the ExceptionDialog via the menu or starting vvvv with /showexceptions.