Listening for changes on a dir and apply gimp script

I d like to be able to have some kind of cron function that would listen to changes on a directory, detect when a new file is added and then would apply a gimp script to that file.
The best solution as a starting point seems to be
but I am open to easier solution if possible…

periodically banging the Update of a Dir (File) and compare the Output with the previous frame using FrameDelay (String) and Sift (String). invert the boolean result with a NOT and select the “new filename”

mm ok but I don t get how can I invoke the script and apply it to the files…


You can use shellexecute-(windows) to launch a file/Script.


geeee I periodically try to do something outside vvvv without realizing it can be done inside! One app to rule them all!

yeah, it’s always amazing to discover what you can do within vvvv.

and Anthony (DS) of course is right also:

ShellExecute is a very powerful tool.
in the old vvvviki i have module to send/receive emails and another for mirroring files.

i really have to port lots of stuff… and when i am finished for sure there will be vvvveb 4.0


well put, indeed!