Lissajous scope patterns?

is it possible to render lissajous scope patterns in vvvv that are reactive to music a la…




i think it might be possible with ScopeSpread.

thanks for the swift reply. i think however it needs to be a phase shift measuring scope rather than a plain oscilloscope that ScopeSpread offers.

but, seeing as my mathematics is not very good, perhaps there might be a way to plot the formula as described here…


thanks again,


well i was jsut working on some audioreactive stuff, so i thought this might be useful to you.
I was playing around with Ableton Live’s frequency generator using this patch, and i can tell you… endless fun, i saw things i did not expect :D
you need the SpreadToRope module:

actually, in your case i would render lissajous figures with the mathematical approach, and then distort the resulting curve with the audiosignal, because you won’t get a lissajous curve from ordinary music ;-)

bbScopeRing.v4p (16.0 kB)