Linking on ctrl-g bug

it happened again. while grouping nodes to a subpatch a strange connection was made, linking an input to an output box. did nothing special, just ctrl-g.
see attached patch…if of any help

with 50beta35.2 x64
ctrlgbug.v4p (4.2 KB)

hey guest, thanks for this, but what would really help is not only the result but the original patch that caused this. any chance to reproduce that?

after running into this several times already, i have a working demo ;) this is a stripped down patch from a current project.
just group the nodes to see a strange red connection made in the new patch.
i have no clue how i am getting into this bug so often, see no pattern on what i was doing before this happens.
it is easily fixed though, just delete the wrong link.
groupbug.v4p (8.0 KB)

thanks for that one, finally fixed in latest alphas.

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