Link video and dmx


newbie has quesion:

i want to playback a video and, at certain times of the video, want to change two dmx channels.

i got the video running and can controll the dmx channels manually. (via little_cat)

so lets say at second 25 of the video the dmx channels should change to 100(channel 1) and 255(channel 2).

i have the switch node with different inputs.
what i need is a node to tell the switch-node when to switch to certain inputs.

is there such a node?
or even a easier way to do this?

i assume its very simple. but i got vvvv for a view days now and dont know much.

greets uisel

erstertest2.v4p (26.1 kB)

I don’t think a switch is the best way to do it, because if you want to add a new time, you need to alter the switch to.

Better is learning to work with spreads. (see example)

There is also a TimeLiner module.

SleazyTimeLiner.v4p (12.8 kB)

hi there.

thanx very much for the help.
the patch works perfect for me.
will post the work soon.

greetings uisel

i fully agree with west concerning learning spreads.
also with his approach using the > (Value) : simple, basic ; and therefore good to understand.

you also should have a look at Interval (Spreads) 's helppatch; maybe very useful for your purposes.

why does Interval (Spreads) have no BinSize-pin?!?

by now i didn’t miss it.
but it could be somewhat useful.