LINK Topics - 3) Integrating Libraries

3) Integrating Libraries

VL makes it particularly simple to integrate basically any .Net library. There are tons of libraries available. What are common patterns, best practices when importing and wrapping third-party libraries for use in a visual-programming language.

valuable contributions (md.*, imagepack) waste away in usage for average patchers by being combined into oversized personal packs that are hard to maintain, rather than by funcitonality

protocol from the 3 sessions we had during link 2018 on this topic:

  • we talked about who has experience with what libraries

  • cam to the conclusion we need a “c# examples docu”

    • implementations most likely starting from c# examples for the libraries
    • also we find c# examples on stackoverflow
    • need reference where we can quickly find c# patterns and their translations to vl
      • using, async, events, observables, task, new, fields, if-assigned-region(?), interfaces, lambda & delegates,…
    • in the reference also link to specific libraries that make use of specific patterns as “real world best practice examples”
  • we talked about possible improvements the VL editor:

    • vl demos and help-patches are coming next with skia now in the house
    • helpbrowser
    • ctrl+m feature (documenting libs/nodes) could be better integrated. we have structured info about libs. think about what to do with it
    • can the nodebrowser be able to look for types in pins…
    • tooltips should show more info and even tips and links to examples
    • debugging improvements
  • we briefly talked about how to organize package releases. automatic buids via appvayor from github repos

  • work was started on

  • we tried to push the wip section on the forum a bit by writing down all our latest pet projects. hoping that others follow our example.

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