Lines pursuiting mouse

Hello beloved vvvvorum!

Just another (hopefully not too stupid) question.

The goal is to have a quad (alternatively a line) with a fixed top position. The lower position should pursuit the mouse.

If I got it right, the coordinates of a quad/line are always in the center of the quad/line. Calculating the lowest point of the quad is no problem if it is upright, but if it’s diagonal (and moving diagonal), I don’t know how to deal with it…

Is there something pre-defined on which I can rely or will I have to do this “from scratch”?

Any ideas would be great, thanks :-)

the line node has start and end point as input:

mouseline.v4p (2.7 kB)

Hey tonfilm,
thanks for the answer!

If the input it not one mouse input, but serveral “mouse klicks”, only the first line is behaving right. The second line is drawn from the 2nd to 3rd klick.
How can I tell the spread to always use the first vector as start point?

The Lines always goes from: A-B B-C C-D D-E, what you want to get is A-B A-C A-D A-E. Don’t know the quickest way of nodes, but using some CONS nodes also works.

mouseline2.v4p (8.3 kB)

And here is the same with insert slice.

mouseline3.v4p (12.0 kB)