LinearSpread (Value Buffer) Bug

Hey @everyoneishappy, I’m running into an InstanceNoodles LinearSpread problem where if it is not in a live path at patch start, it does not work. The inputs have to be changed in order to get its attention. This is a problem where it is in a path that may be turned on later, such as one of several effects, levels, etc.

LinearSpread (Value Buffer) Bug.v4p (15.1 KB)

Toggling its Enable pin does not help. Also, why just Left Justified? Seems an odd choice, and of course being able to select the spread type would be spiffy. Thanks!

try this one and let me know?

As for the spread types, would be nice! I’m a bit short on time but if can provide the (I guess fairly straight forward) math I’d be happy to wack it in :)

No joy. The issue is that apparently nothing is pulling data from downstream, and as a result it only computes the first output point. By dropping in a ReadBack as a dummy pull on its output that is momentarily enabled, it works. Also needs a TogEdge on the Enable pin, otherwise changes on the input will not be recognized if done while Enable is off. Here’s what works for me now:

LinearSpread (Value Buffer Test2).v4p (24.5 KB)

hmmm, I’m not super keen on a readback living there. I’ll have a bit more of a look. Might actually move the whole Bin & ID calculation to a plugin, since it’s generally a one shot anyway

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Understood about the ReadBack, but since it is only momentarily enabled it has a negligible performance hit (4-5 with debug on), less than an IO box. And at least in the meanwhile it’s a fully functional workaround.

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