Linear spread: starting point of width, multiple cameras

hello there and a happy new year,

i am trying to build a cube who will be transformed via midi. the problem right now is that i dont know how to set the width parameter of the linear spread the right way.

at the moment the width is going in both directions.

but i want it to go in only one direction from the point where it stands.

i tried “centered” and the other parameters but it didnt work.

how do i make it work?

another question: is it possible to have 4 cameras in vvvv(every camera is pointing from the inside of the cube at all four directions like a 360 degree camera)and every camera is having their own projector assigned?
i have used a triple head on a macbook befor but that was only 3 projectors… are there hdmi based solutions for 4 beamers?

thanks a lot in advance

mainpatch (19.8 kB)
subpatch (39.4 kB)

Yo Knoeterich, welcome :)

If you wanne “grow” a linearspread from a start point, you need to adjust the actual center point you feed to the linear spread. Just check the pacth I uploaded for you.

Now, when I was younger, I made a Square Spread module, that is basically the same as a circulair spread, but it makes a Square, and not a circle, it might help you here.

I think your patch looks cool, and I am not sure what you are after exactly, (I don’t know what the pins mean) can you explain a bit better what you want? Perhaps post a photoshop mock-up?

The 4 Output thing is asked before,, yes you should be able to do it, I think you want to make 1 big renderer, with all the 4 cameras side by side. Good luck sounds like a fun project.

Grow from center.v4p (14.1 kB)

Hey ho Westbam,

thanks a lot for the patch and the squarespread :)
until now i havent had any clue what the “input” in linear spreads is good for ^^
my problem with the squarespread is that i dont get to transform the whole “testquadsubpatch” (in the patch “testquad”) but only every fourth spreaded outlined quad.
i tried to get there with “set spread” but it didnt worked how i had imagined it. how do i get it to work like in the “squarespreadtest” patch?

my project right now is to build a “midicontrolled room-distortion-installation” for my studies.
(i make a visual description as soon i get home.)

i have a real room which i want to build in the shape of a cube with the help of black molton.
then i have four sides in my real room (like in the patch) to project on.

i want to project with 4 beamers from above on the opposite side of the room.
In the middle of the real room there is placed a mididevice. the people entering the room can distort the room via the mididevice.

the pins you mean are for the distortion of the cube/“room” in the patch but they arent completely designed as i want them right now.

and for the cameras inside the patch: can you tell me where i can find how to make 4 cameras (each camera is 90 degree rotatet to their predecessor) in the patch and output them together in one renderer?

for the splitting i found this device:
all the others only split to 4xdisplayport

do you know if it works to output 4 times 1920x1080 over a macbook pro?
maybe i have to step down to project on only 3 sides of the room with a triplehead…

sorry for asking so many questions i am still very new to vvvv

squarespreadtest.v4p (8.7 kB)
Test Quad.v4p (12.5 kB)
testQuad subpatch.v4p (38.8 kB)