Linear spread -> rotate problem with composed shapes


I have this simple problem, that drives me mad. I need to use my custom made crystal-like shape (one Quad as body, and 2 spreaded Quads on the side, rotated by 45 degrees) to function as module and rotate with Linear spread. Its my building block (module) for snowflake like geometric object, with input nodes for ordinary Transform, width and lenght.

But unfortunately, as I found out, transforming this module works as far as you just move it around as single object. But as if I try to spread Transform, on of side Quads disappears, and this crystal like object becomes “arrow”. I have no idea why is this happening, or what did I did wrong.

I working with vvvv here and there for 2 years and every mistake was just a matter of time to figure out. But this one is… strange.

Thanks for help, everyone!

object (14.3 kB)
main patch (5.9 kB)


if you dont want to change your current patch (even if its possibly not the best workaround) you just have to input a select(transform)-node(addonpack?from woei!) in your hexa-subpatch.

between uniformscale and the transform of your two rotated quads!
then set the select pin to “2”

this works for me

i think you need the iobox (node)

snow re.v4p (19.9 kB)

Thanks for swift reply,

that’s what I was trying to achieve! I have to dig deeper, and find out what these “binSize” pins actually means, ehm :-)

I was thinking about these hexagonal shapes, and hence stretching Segment is distorting angles, this was a first idea, that crossed my mind. But I’d love to find some better solution soon.

Some polygon, that can be stretched, but maintains 60 degrees within inner angles.

Heya, saw yer shout… I made a patch to try a couple things that might help you out. Hope it helps. The second one might not work well for you actually…

ScaledHex.v4p (18.0 kB)