Linear spread question

Hi, I’m working on this thingie that takes pictures and zooms in on them. I’m looking for a surreal 3d type of thing, kinda hard to explain so I attached the patch with a pic.
So I’m getting close to what I want, but how do I keep the last part of the spread in the back, instead of it zooming in?
It’s kinda cryptic because it’s hard to explain but if you look at the patch, you’ll know what I mean.

I think all it takes is a simple adjustment somewhere, I just don’t know where and i’ve been tweaking this for hours now.
I’d be really grateful if somebody could shed some light on this for me. (190.1 kB)

Hi, I’m working on this thingie that takes pictures and zooms in on them. I’m looking for a surreal 3d type of thing, kinda hard to explain so I attached the patch with a pic.

Wow!! Prety nice idea :)

What are you want to do exactly? Making it stop after 10th slice in fullscreen, or you want this to be an for ever repeating effect?

I can tell you that the problem is the order of the layers, ten slices are drawn on top of each other, and the ones that disappear are placed behind slice nr. 10…
(usefull eh. :S )

Place a sort between linearspread and transform

yes, that sort thing.
or another workaround

cityscape_test.v4p (4.4 kB)

Wow, you guys rock, you know that?

Yeah the idea is that it’s a forever repeating effect, I’ve replaced the filetexture with the slideshow module from electromeier so the pics fade from one to the other.
Then I’m gonna take pictures in the streets at different points, all with the same vanishing point so it becomes a surreal, floating through the streets type thing (hopefully).
Finally I want to insert frames from hand drawn type animations every other frame. I’ve also set it up so that I can switch to different directories (for both the street pics and the animations) with different type of pictures, lighter to darker so I can tweak the feel of it on the fly.

About inserting frames, should I do that in a different spread or do it in the one I have already?

And again, thanks for the help!

sounds nice.

hopefully you post this when finished.
would like to see it!

HI CheechWizz i liked your patch ;D here is another similar version of it

cityscape_test4.v4p (4.7 kB)

Very nice, colorsound, I’ll be using that for my final version.
And yeah, dince there seems to be some interest in it, I’ll definetly upload the final patch when I’m done, hopefuly later tonight.
Thanks for your support guys! Oh and if any of you happen to be in Amsterdam this saturday, come check out the final results in club 11!

:)… no text …

WhatIdreamAtNight.v4p (15.2 kB)

I had the same idea as colorsound, with the sort node, but the pillow makes it even more awesome!!

Wow Club 11!! Can you put me on the Quest List?? :) ( Another Dutchie (I assume)

@ Kalle… did some one mention you are crazy today?? That one is wicked!!

lol, nice kalle.

kalle :))))

Well, I added a second stream of pics, intended to be frames with alpha channel from an animation (png’s work best but probably also suck up the most cpu).
Right now its a seperate stream, is it possible to have just 1 spread that takes images from 2 spreads, like every even slice comes from spread 1 and every odd slice from spread 2?
That way I can use just 1 linear spread and 1 pillow which should help out with performance.
I’m guessing it is but i’m too much of a noob to figure it out.

Oh and west, check your mail

cityscape_2x.v4p (14.8 kB)

For performanc reasons it is best, if possible, to load all the pictures into the memoryc first, and than pick the pictures from there, vvvv always freezes for a short while when loading pictures from harddrive. Thnx for the mail, will try and cook something up for you!! Still not sure what you want, you want to make the pictures switch in a smooth way, or do you want to have, let’s say 10 pillows, and place differnet picures every even/odd number?

hey cheech.

when i read “psychedelic” i had another idea… just playing around with not clearing renderers, using other blend modes and applying LFOs to colors ;)

have fun in that club 11 (you too, west!)


cityscape_jw.v4p (12.7 kB)

Wow JW, that one is wicked!! Nice thing with the alpha trail.

This patch is getting better and better…

Here is a subpatch you can use to switch between 2 filetextures with a fade. Missing some features, but it works nicely with the cityscape. Loads all 2 folders off textures (takes a while) and you can fade between 2 pictures, or in the same folder, or in a different folder… need to clean it, but also want to sleep ;)

PictureFader2.v4p (30.3 kB)

Hey folks,

Very nice stuff, only i couldn’t get yours to work West.
Anyway I spend last night walking around town taking pictures to put in, and it looks great.
West: I couldn’t get your patch to do anything
What I was looking for is 1 pillow that takes images from 2 spreads, 1 with the normal image and 1 spread with frames from an animation. The normal image doesnt really need to be updated, but the other spread should update every slice.
So you’d get one spread that looks like this:

  1. bg.jpg
  2. frame1.jpg
  3. bg.jpg
  4. frame2.jpg
  5. bg.jpg

The animation spread should continually update.
But I was having problems with this approach and it didn’t give me the control over both ‘image streams’ I wanted.
So I’m going with two pillows, one with the pic, the other with the frames, like in my 2x version.
Is there any workaround for the freezing-when-loading thing?

the workaround for the freezing when loading thing:

How can I preload my textures

the patch will take longer to load, but only at the beginning.

Yeah but preloading all the textures wasn’t really gonna work since I want to be able to switch dirs on the fly which would mean that I had to preload all the images in every dir. With 300+ pictures that took waaaay to long. In the end I resized all pics to 512x512 jpg’s and the pics were small enough to just load on the fly without any noticable hiccups.
I used it on saturday on 12 screens and it looked great! I’ve posted a screenshot. Now I’m gonna work on some of the extra stuff I mentioned but my main priority now is getting a good vj setup with vvvv since that was one of my main problems saturday. But I’ll post any work I do on this patch. Thanks again for all the help folks!

Hi all.

Thought you’d like to see the results of Kalle’s patch when mixed with the Flickr images collected via Yahoo!Pipes referencing the lyrics of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy (as tag words) and rendered off as video with a Theramin cover of Crazy by Randy George of The Ether and Aether Experiment.

Patch attached.

Does anyone know how to morph images for Pillows? I cant seem to use a Group module or feed a Pillow with a Quad. I want to fade between incoming images to prevent the ‘jump’ edit.


crazy remixer v3r1.v4p (19.7 kB)