Linear spread of cross

I am working with some LED’s and want to wet them up easily in grid patterns of 3x3. I have a 36 led’s in 4 x 9 LED grids.

I am using two linear spreads, and a cross to created the 4, but the order of the spread is not exactly what I’m after, and wonder if someone could help with re-ordering the spread so that each block goes from 0-8, then 9-17 and so forth.

Was thinking swapdim might work, but not sure, any help greatly appreciated!

LED_Light.v4p (24.4 kB)

You could use a couple of swapdims in a row I guess. Personally I’d find it easier to visualize as transforming each LED grid as a unit.

LED_Light_Transforms.v4p (35.9 kB)

Brilliant, that’s exactly what I was after, thanks!