Line width variation

i’m trying to replicate an effect that i don’t know the name for, but the idea is to have horizontal stripes whose width varies according to the brightness in a starter image. in my approach, i have four line segments: narrow (dark areas), broad (bright areas), and slopes for narrow-to-wide and wide-to-narrow. i also have a matrix based on the image that contains what i believe to be the correct indices for choosing the segment.
i’ve tried a couple of ways of going about this - please see the patch.
the first way was to have a grid mesh for the line segment and transform it according to the position in the image. the problem here is that Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join) is not spreadable - that is, for a spread of offset values for the vertices, i can’t end up with a spread of meshes where the offsets have been applied to the vertices (i can do this for one mesh just fine).
so the other idea was to pre-generate the deformed grid meshes and use in this thread)-to-select-from-them.-you-can-read-about-this-((forum:switch-(input)-inconsistencies), but basically, this node is not spreadable. from an earlier thread (linked from mine) comes the third approach:

the problem for me was that i had three individual meshes, not a spread of three. there is no Cons (Node), so i thought maybe i need to make this node. however, after a RTFM and then asking in #vvvv i have not found a way to create nodes of category Node, and in fact it was suggested to me that this is a feature “deep within the core”, and therefore out of the reach of the common plugin developer.

they say where there’s a will, there’s a way. this seems like such a simple thing to patch, but i’ll admit that i’m stuck. perhaps the community will show me the path!

mirrorshades.v4p (44.2 kB)

Does help?

eventually, i solved the problem by using Rope (DX9). the Thickness is spreadable. here’s the patch.

mirrorshades_toimiva.v4p (38.4 kB)

Nothing to add, except that I love the idea of this simple patch :)

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